Implementing an idea poses several professional challenges.

How we help

It is not enough to examine whether a product can be realized technically - its marketability, sustainability and competitiveness also need to be assessed. With our help, you can find it all out during the planning phase. In this phase, we also make sure that the product is going to be user-friendly. This is what UI/UX planning is for.

What we offer

  • Inception deck
    ID is a 2-3 days long workshop, during which we give our customer (and participants of the project) a clear picture about the goals of the product, the competitors and the minimal functionality of the prototype. We establish a common language between the project members. We define the "product box" and the "elevator pitch", and carry out "persona research". With the documentation we prepare, our customers can present their ideas professionally and confidently to their investors, partners and development teams.
  • Product vision
    A document that includes the presentation of the project’s goals, and answers the following questions: What will we accomplish? Why do we start this project? Who are the target audience? What will change, when we are finished? How do we know if we are finished?
  • Specification, "User Story"
    During the planning, we compile a detailed requirements index that includes the documentation of the main functions (User Stories), and the testing criteria required for approving these functions (Done Criterium - DC). Based on the User Stories, we design the software UX/UI, and begin the development. User Stories also play a vital part in testing the product, since all functions must work according to their corresponding DC.
  • UX/UI design
    Nowadays, professional design and appearance are essential features of a successful product, whether it is hardware or software. But good design is not enough: marketability largely depends on usability and the ergonomics.
  • Market research
    Before introducing a new product to the market, extensive data research is necessary, which collects the potential selling points of the product and the attributes of its target group, while assessing potential competitors. By the end of a successful market research, the consumer group of the product is clearly defined (with all of its attributes), along with the potential market share. Thus, market research serves as the basis of the future business plan and the marketing strategy.
  • Business plan
    While designing the business plan, we determine the current state of the product, and define the required short-, medium- and long-term goals. Owning a business plan gives significant economic and management advantages to the customer, as it helps assessing the risks and contains guidelines to successfully manage the product.
  • IT Counselling
    We design the IT background of the product, whether it is a physical or a cloud-based infrastructure.