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Simulator Manufacturer

Approved Training Organization

About us

PearWilliams Ltd. changed profile in 2015 and operates as an airline supplier on the European market ever since.

Simnest, an international consortium found by our company in 2017 deals with the manufacturing of FNPT licensed simulators, development of QTG software and with EASA legal advice. We also have the ability to transform non-certified simulators to EASA certified FNPT II level.

Our company’s other brand is our approved training organization called Pilots ATO, where highly trained active pilots hold MCC/JOC trainings for future pilots on the FNPT II MCC A320 simulator manufactured by us.


Products and services

We manufacture high quality and affordable flight simulators as well as we provide other simulator related products and services.

Simulator Manufacturing

The FSTDs we manufacture are ready to be authorized to a level of FNPT II MCC.

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Legal Support

We can provide legal support during the certification processes.

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We can upgrade non-authorized simulator devices to a level of FNPT II (MCC).

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Our Sidestick assemblies can simulate all the parameters of an airliner’s control unit.

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Qualification Test Guide

We provide highly customizable eQTG software solution.

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