Project management

We manage the team, help to meet deadlines and guarantee a quality service. During the development, we guarantee full transparency.

How we help

Every project, where the goal is the development of a new product, is a real challenge. That is why you need project managers who can translate your requirements to the language of professionals working on the different parts of the project. Our project managers are such specialists who can handle various problems easily and in a timely manner, coordinate the project team and help to meet deadlines. Thanks to the agile framework, they quickly adapt to the needs of the customer and the team, while addressing their problems, and putting heavy emphasis on helping the team create a user-friendly product aimed directly at the target market.

What we offer

  • Agility
    Our project managers use the agile framework during the development.
  • Deadlines
    Our key to success is a satisfied customer. With certain developer teams, delays can almost be guaranteed even before starting the project. For us it is unacceptable. Due to extensive planning, meeting deadlines on time is an absolute initial necessity in our team.
  • Communication
    We offer a quick way out of the labyrinth of meaningless technical terms and abbreviations. With the help of our project managers, we translate the specific terms and the general technical terminology used by developers to clear and easily understandable language.
  • Transparent projects
    Our project managers send regular reports to costumers, ensuring transparency regarding the progress of the project. During a project, we grant customers access to our online project management system, so they can always track and comment on the developing product.