Our Sidestick assemblies can simulate all the parameters of an airliner's actual control units. Our solution can be applied in professional flight simulators, for which we provide all corresponding documentation (RQTG, validation data) and support. All of our devices contain a built-in validating/measuring system. Our active servomotor solutions can be customized according to the various parameters of different airliners. Our systems are compatible with all flight simulator software currently on the market, and they are also capable of OSC support. By using our specialized integrated solution, our customers can build their flight simulators that can be FNPT II MCC certified. Our systems comply with the EASA regulations.

The properties of our Sidestick solution:

  • active control loading
  • real force ratio
  • flexible force profile configuration, including based on the actual aircraft
  • simulation of mechanical and hydraulic failures
  • AP lock
  • force profile validation system (Fokker plot)
  • industry grade (high accuracy and usage cycle)
  • automatic calibration
  • EASA compliant RQTG
  • FNPT II MCC validation data package
  • support for latency and transport delay measurement
  • cpt and fo side construction
  • correct damping values
  • correct breakout forces