Futura Boeing 737-800

For Futura Interactive Science Exhibition Centre


Our client from Mosonmagyaróvár wanted to introduce a realistic flight simulator to the visitors as a part of its natural science exhibition. Due to our past experience, we were happy to be engaged in this project that resulted in the creation of a well-functioning and impressively designed flight simulator.

About the project:

Based on a clear function list, we had to build a fully functional flight simulator with a cockpit that is the realistic reproduction of a Boeing airliner's cockpit.

How did we begin?

Following the definition of the goals and the bidding procedure, the next task was the purchase and shipping of the hardware and software elements. The assembly, programming and testing of the components was carried out on site.

What were the top priorities?

Our main goal was to ensure stable operation and create a realistic interface in an impressively designed simulator.

Were there any issues?

There were no great issues, as our past experience was enough to smoothly conclude the project.

How did the development go?

This project was mainly about integrating available components and establishing the optimal operation of the system.

What are we the proudest of?

We are always happy if a project aims to promote science and aviation, so we really enjoyed working on this assignment.

How long did the development go?

The project took about 4-5 months.