The StereoCake is a compact stereoscopy film production system which not only enables half-professional cameras to make 3D films but also brings together and simplifies the work of the crew.
About the background of the 3D filming

To shoot good quality, creative 3D images, one requires two cameras. That's why professional stereoscopic videos are recorded with two cameras that enable lens correction. These two cameras must be synchronized in every possible way: in orientation, angle, sharpness, speed, configuration and exposition.

At this moment all systems are huge, difficult and rather expensive, considerable expertise is required and several possible error can occur.

Currently, all systems are huge, complicated and expensive. Built from separate devices, these systems are time-consuming, require special expertise, and have a significant error margin.

Our aim is to create a product that is able to integrate all separate technology to a synthetic system which makes the production of the 3D contents ten times faster, ten times smaller and ten times cheaper. The StereoCake is a smart tool that makes simpler and helps the 3D film making, therefore it makes the production of 3D contents available for the entire film making business, for the first time in the film history.

About the project

We started the realisation of the project - approved by international organisation EUREKA - with the help of Gute Gilme Switzerland and Hungarian firm ProDSP Technologies. The aim of the first phase of the project was to create a prototype with which we can present the most important functions of the system, and demonstrate the intuitive user interface that was designed to support the work of the film crew. During development, we distributed work in the following way:

Gute Filme Switzerland

The engineer who came up with the idea of the project, provides the basis of the product concept, the stereographic know-how. While developing the prototype, prevail of quality assurance aspects is provided. Supporting 3D rig system and expertise during developing the proof-of concept model.

ProDSP Technologies

The hardware and software development of the main control unit of the Stereocake "proof-of-concept" model. The coordination of the mechanical, electronic and embedded software development tasks. The development of new procedures:

  • - Researching parallax analysis methods
  • - Researching sharpness detection methods


Developing the user experience. Designing the "proof-of-concept" model and the various user interfaces (framework and design). Developing four different IPAD applications (one for the stereographer, the director, the camera assistant and the audience, respectively). Developing a communication interface between the main control unit and the IPAD applications. Researching new stereoscopic calibration methods.


AWe have handed in a tender to realize the first phase of the entire project, to develop the "Proof of Concept" prototype to the Research and Technology Innovation Fund (its present name is National Research, Development and Innovation Fund) who has found the tender suitable for grant and awarded HUF 36 072 625. The phase of the project that was supported from tender resource, will be realized by the consortium jointly established with the ProDSP Technologies.

Széchenyi 2020 Nemzeti kutatási fejlesztési és innovációs alap

Beneficiary: PearWilliams Hungary Kft.
Project Title: StereoCake - Project Title: StereoCake - Developing the prototype of a cost-effective stereographic film production system
Project ID: EUREKA_HU_13-1-2013-0042
Contracted subsidies: 36 072 625 Ft
Rate of subsidisation: 65,18 %
Planned completion date of the Project: 2015. 08. 01.