Velotrack OBU
Security technology and sport tracking service equipped with sensitive theft prevention system for bikers

For our partner, Hargamon Kft.


Their goal was to offer a complex product that expands the experience of cycling. They wanted to create a system that suits the requirements that arise during bicycle use.

About the project

The tasks require regular support on our side. We have to adjust the basic hardware module according to the development in order to meet the requirements and goals of the given client (bicycle manufacturer and retailer). During this phase, we optimize the manufacturing process and the operation of the OBU.

How did we begin?

Due to the continuous nature of the project, we conduct regular project meeting sessions, during which we discuss the development tasks and guidelines with our client. We plan the development phases in a transparent and traceable manner, so that our customer is always aware of the status of each session.

What were the top priorities?

The goal is to offer a unique solution that meets the given requirements by customizing the basic OBU module. By doing this, we can eliminate the modularity problems of off-the-shelf products and ensure high quality operation.

Were there any issues?

Bicycles, especially electric bicycles differ from each other. Thus, the placement is unique in each project, and the operation and certain functions can vary, as well.

How did the development go?

We conduct weekly project meetings and proceed by small steps in order to be able to include changes, if requested by the client, in time.

What are we the proudest of?

We are most proud of the bicycles that already include our solution.

How long did the development go?

This is an ongoing development that is made up of several smaller projects.