Fixed base flight simulator

The A320 simulator replicates accurately the A320 cockpit and its flight characteristics. The simulator is suitable for both trainning and entertaiment purpose. Properly aimulates the aircraft logic, the FBW characteristics. It has a working PFD/ND/FMA, well simulated ELEC/HYD/BLEED aircraft systems and a fully functional FMGS/FCU/ECAM.

Cockpit, flight controls and systems based on the A320

  • Dual MCDU
  • ECAM, Engine Display, PFD, ND, etc.
  • FCU with dual EFIS
  • Sidesticks, pedals and nose steering wheel with Fly by Wire operation
  • TCAS, Radar
  • Flaps, Speedbrake
  • Overhead Fwd and Aft panels
  • Full Backlight Systems and Throttle
  • Original, fully adjustable pilot seats
  • Six more observer seats behind the two pilots and instructor

3 Channel cylindrical visual 210 × 45

  • Total immersion during the exercise on the simulator

Terrain, navigation and airports database

  • Worldwide terrain database
  • Geographical features are easily recognizable such as mountains, coastlines and urban areas
  • The navigation database includes route navaids and the approach navaids for some airports
  • SID/STAR airport approaches of some selected airports

Mobile instructor station with touch screen

  • Failures
  • Weight and balance, fuel quantity, ZFW, etc.
  • Atmospheric and visual conditions can be changed in real time
  • Track plots available and printable
  • Flight pause, reposition and freeze
  • Approach Plates available for selected airports

The simulator is appropriate to practice for

  • PPL / CPL / ATPL
  • MCC
  • IR-ME
  • FI / IRI / MCCI / STI
  • Jet Orientation Training
  • A320 Cockpit Familiarization
  • Normal and Emergency Procedures Refreshment
  • MCDU training Courses
  • CRM
  • TEM
  • LOFT

Cpt. Pál Ruzsiczky

TRE A320

„I had the opportunity to try the Pilot's fixed base training device. It's located in an office building in central Budapest. The centre has fully equipped briefing room with projector, whiteboard enough to accommodate up to 12 people. Although the simulator is not certified by any authority yet, it was a surprise for me seeing how many functions are implemented. It comes with a full 220 degrees projected visual system, enough observer seats, original pilot seats and a realistic cockpit layout. The MCDU functions are implemented well, the FCU is fully functional and the FMA, the PFD and ND are represented very accurately. The autopilot is fully functional, with all the modes implemented. It has a complete instructor station with possibilty of position setting, flight path plots and many customizable malfunctions."