Fixed base flight simulator

The B737-800 simulator replicates accurately the B737-800 cockpit. The simulator is suitable for entertaiment purpose. Properly simulates the logic. It has a working PFD/ND/EICAS, well simulated ELEC/HYD/BLEED aircraft systems and a fully functional CDU/FMS/EFIS/MCP.

Cockpit, flight controls and systems based on the B737-800

  • Dual CDU
  • EICAS, Engine Display, PFD, ND, etc.
  • MCP with dual EFIS
  • Dual yoke and dual pedal and nose steering wheel
  • TCAS, Radar
  • Flaps, motorised Speedbrake
  • Fully motorised Throttle quadrant
  • Full Backlight Systems and Throttle
  • Original, fully adjustable pilot seats
  • Eight more observer seats behind the two pilots and instructor

3 Channel cylindrical visual 210 × 45

  • Total immersion during the exercise on the simulator

Terrain, navigation and airports database

  • Worldwide terrain database
  • Geographical features are easily recognizable such as mountains, coastlines and urban areas
  • The navigation database includes route navaids and the approach navaids for some airports
  • SID/STAR airport approaches of some selected airports

Mobile instructor station with touch screen

  • Failures
  • Weight and balance, fuel quantity, ZFW, etc.
  • Atmospheric and visual conditions can be changed in real time
  • Track plots available and printable
  • Flight pause, reposition and freeze
  • Approach Plates available for selected airports

The simulator is appropriate to practice for

  • PPL / CPL / ATPL
  • MCC
  • IR-ME
  • FI / IRI / MCCI / STI
  • Jet Orientation Training
  • B737-800 Cockpit Familiarization
  • Normal and Emergency Procedures Refreshment
  • FMC
  • CRM
  • TEM
  • LOFT