About us

PearWilliams Ltd changed profile in 2015 and operates as an airline supplier on the European market ever since. Our goal from the beginning was to be on the market as a real product developer, not only as a company that offers hardware and software solutions.

One outstanding project and reference from this time is the eCamino project. This application assists the participants of the El Camino pilgrimage to navigate with an offline map, to find accommodation, to record their experiences and to share them with the ones who stayed at home.

Our Velotrack project is a development based on our own idea. It is a security and sport tracking service (hardware and software) for cyclists and bicycle manufacturers, that increases sense of security for bike owners with its anti-theft system.

Surgiscope and StereoCake were also major projects of ours. The main task of Surgiscope was to develop a wireless endoscope that can be used at veterinary surgeries. StereoCake was a development of a compact stereoscopic film production system.

The other important pillar of our company is the simulator branch, which by now has grown to be a separate division. In the beginning we focused on building entertainer simulators. After the development of FuturaJet in Mosonmagyaróvár we built Pilots Simulator Center in Budapest, where not only two popular jets (Airbus A320, Boeing 737-800) can be found, but also a Cessna 172 simulator was installed.

An important task for the division was when we got a request from Europe Crew Academy to build a cabin simulator with working kitchenette for their cabin crew training. We used original aircraft parts and fittings during installation.

The real turning point, however, was when the owner of Pilots Simulator Center asked us in 2015 to do the upgrade of their A320 simulator to FNPT II MCC level and their C172 simulator to FNPT II level, and to do the whole official certification process. After a few month of research and learning process our team decided to take the task that resulted in a Hungarian made, fully certified FNPT II MCC simulator with A320 basis – currently the only one in Europe.

This resulted in creating Simnest, an international consortium found by our company in 2017 that deals with manufacturing FNPT licensed simulators, development of QTG software and with EASA legal advice. We also have the ability to transform non-certified simulators to EASA certified FNPT II level – this is also a unique feature in Europe.

Our company’s other brand is our approved training organization called Pilots ATO, where highly trained active pilots hold MCC/JOC trainings for future pilots on the FNPT II MCC A320 simulator manufactured by us.